Short Stories

Gentlemen, Place Your Bets! What could prompt Lou to place a bet on her relationship with the Kid? Find out what drove her to such measures.

The Woman Behind The Badge A surprise request has Lou trying on some new accessories.

What's In A Name? A grieving daughter searches for the perfect way to honor her lost father.

The Last Goodbye Buck thinks back on all the goodbyes he’s had to say over the years, before saying one last goodbye to this life.

An American Hero Kid’s great-great-grandson carries on his tradition of righting wrongs, no matter the personal cost.

Dar A Luz The Express Family is back together again for a member’s wedding. In the midst of the celebrations a new member decides to make his appearance.

Reflections For some life is going well while others are struggling. A quick glimpse at the lives of the remaining Riders 15 years after the Express ended, on the eve of another life altering moment.

Santa's Kisses It’s Christmas time on the Hotheads and Misfits Ranch and the Crosses and McClouds are celebrating as only they can. But what’s meant to be a surprise for the children leads to a big misunderstanding. Will someone soon be leaving the family?

A Desperate Cry* With a religious fanatic for a father, how will Lou handle the aftermath of a second violent rape?

She Wore White Kid’s on a run and Lou’s in a dress when she finds herself up against a deadlier foe than any she’s faced before. Will she be able to defeat it in time for her wedding?

A Teenaged Love Affair A moment of jealousy sparks a fight between Lou and Kid. Could this be the end of the road for our teenaged heroes?

The Name's Louise!* Lou’s still in disguise and frustrated by her growing attachment to Kid, who has no idea she’s a girl. What could make her mad enough to risk revealing the truth?

The Doctor* Nearly six decades after the end of the Pony Express, Buck gets some surprising news about a former bunkmate.

The Long Journey Home* (With Paola) After the shocking discovery that his old friend and comrade Dr. Lou McCloud is actually Louise, Buck begins the long process of getting to know her all over again through her journals even as he escorts her home for burial.

Friends In Low Places She saved his life in Regrets because he once helped save hers. Yet, he doesn’t remember the night that changed her life forever.

For Better, For Worse Sometimes the simplest things can start a storm that requires the right man’s arms to calm.

Just Call Me Jimmy One name was a legend. The other was their brother. How should he be truly remembered?

Just Like You  A final goodbye to a fallen mentor puts one man’s life in perspective.

Unintended Consequences  Sometimes a stray word, or un-thought out comment, can change the course of another person's life.

Missing Her Tonight  A laugh, a turn of the head, a song.  Simple things that can force us to remember what we'd rather not.  So how does he move on?  Or can he?

What A Woman Wants  What do you get the woman you love when she doesn’t fit any of the normal categories?  Figure out what the woman wants with a little help from a friend.

The Healing Wall*  When life is hard, we often try to just forget our pain.  That's when good friends can make all the difference and  help us find a way to heal our wounds.

Owies & Kisses  Sometimes it takes more than flowers and chocolates to prove a young man's love is true.  But how much blood must be spilled before the gift is recognized?

This Moment  Sometimes we fail to take a moment and appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

Righteous Anger  A moment's anger and a deadly threat bring back memories and fears Kid thought he'd managed to forget.

A Young Lady's Fancy  Sometimes a different way of doing things can be uncomfortable, until one figures out the advantages.

An Affair of the Heart  The truth is rarely as bad as we imagine it to be.  Lou learns that the hard way.

The Sioux in the Barrel  Ike finds a friend in a most unlikely place.

A Night's Vigil  As a final test of a knight's honor before getting his spurs, he was expected to spend a night on his knees in prayer, that he might properly uphold the ideals of chivalry and honor that came with the title about to be bestowed upon him.  Kid's test took a slightly different form.  Will he still earn his proverbial knighthood?

A Kid By Another Name  What sort of name could perturb a man called Aloysius Teaspoon Hunter so much?  

The Dancer   A small reminder brings back a lifetime of memories.

Her Last, Best Chance  Why would Lou decide to dress up like a prostitute to sneak into the Pikes' hideout?  And how did she escape unwanted male attention once she had?  

A Promise Kept A child's questions help Lou keep a promise to lost family.

Love's Reasoning Why do we love the ones we love?  Is there a reason behind the choice?  Or does love choose for us?

Love & Loss  A picture taken at a moment of utmost grief brings happy memories of a once in a lifetime love.

The Decision  A moment of unexpected comfort during a time of grief helps Kid make a decision about his future, and Lou's.

Somebody's Louise A chance encounter on a train leads to a heartfelt desire and an unexpected discovery.

The Sacrifice* An A/U version of the season 3 episode by the same name.  What if Kid were Adrian?  I've always wondered that.  Here's my answer.
Between Breaths  A young couple faces the crossroads between hope for the future and another heart-wrenching loss.

*a/u, breaks show canon

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