Sweetwater Romance

The Sweetwater Romance is a series of song fic vignettes looking at how Lou and Kid made their way back to each other after their big split in Daisy.

Sweet Talking (#1) The words we aren’t even aware we’re saying reveal our hearts’ desires.

Bittersweet (#2) A hunt for a monster reminds Kid and Lou of what brought them together in the first place.

Sweet Pea (#3) Lou turns to an old friend for a little advice on love and relationships.

Sweet Tea (#4) Kid seeks out Emma from some advice, but Sam steps in to deliver.

Sweet Reunion (#5) After a hard fought battle, Kid and Lou finally take their first tentative steps back toward each other.

Sweet Sorrow (#6) They’ve just begun to patch things up, now a new assignment will mean a long separation for Kid and Lou. Will the time apart help or hurt their relationship?

Sweet Spot (#7) A sweet interlude from life’s troubles can help refresh a weary soul or two.

Not So Sweet Freedom (#8) Sometimes growing up and falling in love means learning to let others care about and for you, too.

Sweet Song (#9)  If he won't take you to the dance, is he really still your guy?  What other possible reason could there be?

Nothing Sweet: Lou (#10) Sometimes a single loss can upset all you've worked so hard to gain, especially when you harbored a wounded soul to begin with.

Nothing Sweet: Kid (#11)  A man can only take so much hanging in the breeze, no matter how much he loves a woman.  After Lou runs off yet again, when Kid needs her the most, he must decide if he should stay or go?

Nothing Sweet: The Goodbye (#12) Saying goodbye to a loved one can make one reassess their priorities in life.  What will Lou's decision be?

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