Writers Ranch Challenges

These are stories written for various challenges over at the Writers Ranch. See Other TYR Websites for a link to the Ranch.

The Name's Louise!* Lou’s still in disguise and frustrated by her growing attachment to Kid, who has no idea she’s a girl. What could make her mad enough to risk revealing the truth?

The Doctor* Nearly six decades after the end of the Pony Express, Buck gets some surprising news about a former bunkmate.

A Bowl Of Grits In desperate times, one does what one must, but that doesn’t mean Lou’s got to enjoy the experience.

Sticking It Out A hard day on the trail teaches Lou exactly what it takes to be a Pony Express Rider.

Friends In Low Places She saved his life in Regrets because he once helped save hers. Yet, he doesn’t remember the night that changed her life forever.

You Were Always There* Tragedy seems to be dogging Lou’s footsteps, but someone special is always there to help her back to her feet. Will she ever see the love he has to offer her?

The Only Thing To Fear What is it that spurs us on to make those life altering decisions? And how can we learn to not let it rule our lives? Follow TYR from the beginning from Lou’s perspective to find out.

Just Like You   A final goodbye to a fallen mentor puts one man’s life in perspective.

*A/U stories that depart from show canon

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