The Whole Truth

This is a new series of shorts I’m calling The Whole Truth.  It was originally supposed to be a novella, inspired by the Ranch What If? Challenge.  But I just didn’t have time to put it together that way.  

The Confession: This first piece starts in the second half of Requiem for a Hero, just after Lou and Kid consummated their relationship.  What if Lou’s answer to Kid’s, “You alright, Lou?” had been different?

Speak Now:  This starts where The Confession leaves off.  Kid's proposed and practically dragging Lou to the alter.  Will she have the courage to go through with it?  Is she still hiding secrets she needs to share?  Can she speak now or forever hold her peace?

What's Hidden:  Lou and Kid are married, but have seen little of each other in the week since their return.  Can their love overcome the creeping doubts?

Misunderstandings:  Lou's struggling to make the transition from 'boy' to wife after her hasty marriage to Kid.  Kid is trying to show her his love and respect the only way he knows how.  But neither is really talking, leading to major problems.  Can they survive?

Love & Loss:  One push too many and Lou calls it quits with Kid.  But can she live with the consequences of her actions?

Self Evident:  A devastating loss drives a wedge between Kid and Lou, pushing them further apart.  When Lou needs time to find herself again, Kid has to decide what he really wants. 

Moment of Truth:  Lou's trying to help, but ends up causing more problems for her Pony Express family as they take on their toughest opponents yet.  Will she see the truth of their love when it's staring her in the face?

To Tell The Truth:  Moving to Rock Creek, Lou takes a side trip to visit Emma.  But what's supposed to be a surprise for Emma turns into a shock for Lou.

True Colors: Lou's got a secret even she didn't know she was carrying. Can she and the others adjust in time? Find out her true colors...  

Growing Pains: Kid and Lou both have concerns about their relationship as they struggle to grow closer together. Can they overcome their differences and insecurities to find a future together? Or will fate tear them apart first?


  1. First let me say that I am also a tremendous fan of the show. I have enjoyed your writings in The Whole Truth Series a great deal. I can see this actually flowing into the story. There is only one problem. . . It's over. I need another installment. I need to know what happens. I am hanging on by a thread. Help a girl out! Your writing is wonderful and I hope you continue this series. Thanks so much!! Valerie

    1. I haven't given up on this series. I've been working on my MA in History and all my writing has been going in that direction. I do have plans to finish the series and a couple of others I've got started on here. So stay tuned! And thanks for reading! 😁