Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Moment

She snuggled closer into the warmth of his body, almost moaning in appreciation for the comfort it afforded.  There was nothing she loved more than to be wrapped around him.  Unless it was to have him wrapped around her.  Even in the heat of summer, she welcomed his embrace.  But especially now, in the depths of a cold winter night, she sought out this comfort.
Trying to get closer she pulled one leg over his hips, smiling quietly to herself when he reached down and shifted it into a more comfortable position for both of them, then left his hand wrapped around her knee.
She tightened the arm she had flung across his chest in a slight hug.
“Mmmmm,” he moaned sleepily, rubbing his whisker-rough face across the top of her head.
For long moments they stayed that way, quietly enjoying the warmth and comfort each provided the other.  She could hear the thump-thump-thumping of his heart under her ear.  It’s steady rhythm providing a counterpoint for the near snore that issued from his throat with each breath.  She could stay like this forever, she thought to herself.
Turning her head slightly, she pressed a kiss to his chest.  The arm that had been under his head suddenly snaked down around her shoulders, pulling her tightly to him in a demanding grasp.
“Don’t leave,” he whispered into her hair.  Then his lips found their way past the fall of dark brown curls to her ear, her neck, across her cheek.  His whiskers left a slight red burn on the tender skin that she’d have to explain away in the morning.
Pushing her head back against his arm, she turned to meet his roving lips with her own soft ones.  The flames in the fireplace cast a golden glow across his cheekbones, adding a roguish glint to his eyes.
“I’m not going anywhere,” she murmured against his lips, before opening her mouth to admit him, one foot rubbing up and down the smooth skin of his leg, enjoying the rough texturing the hair on it added.
Snow fell steadily outside the window, added an odd glow to the morning sunlight peaking over the horizon, cushioning every sound to a quiet hush, so that not even a songbird disturbed the couple’s morning symphony.

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