Monday, March 25, 2013

2012 Onions

And the results are in.....

Here's how stories on this blog placed in the 2012 Onions.  For complete results go to: The Writers Ranch: The Onions

On Bended Knee
1st Starting Over Pilarcita

Multiple Hankies
2nd The Long Journey Home Paola and Pilarcita

Bloody Knuckles & Raw Steak

2nd Starting Over Pilarcita

2nd The Healing Wall Pilarcita

Final Say
2nd Nothing Sweet: The Goodbye Pilarcita

Cover Art
1st The Healing Wall – Pilarcita, Miss Raye (I didn't make the cover art for this story)

2nd Just Like You Pilarcita

2nd Starting Over Pilarcita

Union Pacific
2nd The Home Front Pilarcita
2nd Sweetwater Romance Series Pilarcita

Just the Two of Us
1st The Long Journey Home Paola and Pilarcita

The Rockin’ Chair
1st The Healing Wall Pilarcita

Song Fic
2nd Missing Her Tonight Pilarcita

1st The Healing Wall Pilarcita

Best Couple – Canon
2nd Kid & Lou in “Sweet Reunion” Pilarcita

Best Couple – Non-Canon
2nd Ike & Lou in “You Were Always There” Pilarcita

Friends to the End
2nd Lou, Rachel, Emma, Jimmy, & Sam in “Just Call Me Jimmy” Pilarcita

Back in Town
2nd Boggs in “The Unforgivable Sin” Pilarcita

There were a lot of ties this year.  Just goes to show the quality of the writing going on in the fandom right now.  Congratulations to all the winners.  And, write on!

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